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  • Insurance Industry & IRPA Sign MoU

    The 28th of June 2020 witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Dr. Soleymani, the President of Bimeh Markazi Iran/Central Insurance of IR Iran, and Mr. Kalantari, the Managing Director of Iranian Productivity Association- IRPA, both making provision for future collaboration.


    Dr. Soleymani pinpointed that while neglecting productivity can give rise to immeasurable fees and managerial challenges, ascertaining indices for reinforcing standardization and productivity comes to the aid of industries, including insurance, to monitor activities and supervise performance more efficiently.

    Referring to transformations in the way traditional tools used to be practiced and the epoch during which modern alternatives have been applicable, the Head of High Council of Insurance remarked that a considerable number of foundations in the realm of politics and economics have changed across the globe over the past few months and, thus, our entities must all adapt to new situations.


    The President of Bimeh Markazi highly appreciated the efforts of those who played key role in promoting insurance culture and commented that precise implementation of such MoU’s shall contribute to more orientation of people towards insurance potentials and services.


    Expressing his hope to achieve the aims, Seyed Hamid Kalantari, IRPA Managing Director, greatly acclaimed the progressive attitude of Dr. Soleymani regarding productivity and its impact on the process of development and declared that major goals of the present MoU embrace the pervasiveness of insurance industry in the society, reduction in insurers’ expenses, and development of productivity culture.


    Other significant themes projected to be fulfilled include risk management innovative approaches, the establishment and management of insurance accelerator, the production and presentation of educational and extension-based systems, the arrangement of technical conferences and meetings on the subject of controlling accidents and maintaining tranquility in the society.

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