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  • Hafez Insurance

    Hafez at a glance:

    Hafez Insurance Co. as a public joint stock company was founded through a legal procedure as the first private insurance company on 2002/05/08 in Kish Free Zone focusing on free and special economic zones.

    Providing customers with peace of mind, supplying their needs and making them satisfied have been our mission.

    In a short period, Hafez Insurance Co. succeeded in insuring some key projects in addition to its ordinary insurance activities in free and special economic zones of the country, at all common insurance fields. This achievement resulted from taking risk transfer procedures through reputable international brokers and top reinsurance companies in the world and the region having the main share in engineering, contracting and energy policies all over the world including Iran. Obviously, achieving these goals was impossible unless by technical and scientific capabilities together with long years of experience in insurance companies. Let's add continuous contact with the international reinsurance companies which are, indeed, the real capital of an insurance company. This has always been our key priority.

    It is worthy to mention that our company, according to the insurance companies' activity regulations in free and special economic zones, is permitted to work in 11 insurance fields including directors and officers liability insurance, environmental pollution insurance, computer and electronic equipment insurance, hand paralysis insurance of artists and craftsmen, artworks theft insurance, unemployment insurance, poultry and fish mortality insurance, honeybees and silkworms mortality insurance, agricultural products insurance, individual credit insurance and individual health insurance throughout country's mainland.

    Regarding registration of Hafez Insurance Co. in Kish Free Zone and benefitting from various legal exemptions, in addition to providing acceptable and high quality services, Hafez Insurance Co. can meet expectations of individual and group policyholders according to the financial status and capability of enjoying reliance and reinsurance activities with other local and international insurers. Moreover, the company is able to extend its service coverage scope in order to provide satisfaction for the respected people of Iran.


    Some unique advantages of Hafez Insurance Company (PJSC):

    • Transnational activity experience;

    • Excluding VAT from insurance contracts;

    • Contribution in vital and macro national projects;

    • Accelerated claim handling process in maximum three working days;

    • Having broad assessment network leads to risk inspection at the shortest possible time;

    • Expertise capability with an average of 15 years' experience together with staff having relevant M.A. degrees, making Hafez Insurance Co. unique in the industry;

    • High accountability and ease of access to the company's top managers;

    • Online insurance policy issuance tracking system countrywide and possible option for the respected insured to have continuous control and monitor of the process by defining access levels.

    Besides, the history of our insurance activities in various insurance fields and national mega projects like vessels insurance, various cargo insurances, engineering insurances of 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th phases of South Pars field, Dārkhovin project, Persian Gulf floating oil tanks engineering project (STX), operational insurance of all Māhshahr petrochemical installations and wharves located in Imam Khomeini port, all risk insurances of oil tankers and airplanes of Kish Air Co. etc. is proofing Hafez Insurance Co. capabilities confirming our financial, technical and executive abilities together with the satisfaction of citizens and the insured.


    Some valuable clients of Hafez Insurance Co. are as follows:

    • Petrochemical Commercial Co.;
    • Qeshm International Airport;
    • Kish Development and Investment Co.;
    • Pars Chiro Shipping Lines;
    • Pars Petro Kish Co.;
    • Alpine International Trading Co.;
    • Tehran Apparel Union;
    • Free Zone Organizations of Anzali, Kish, Aras, Maku, etc.;
    • Chabahar Maritime University;
    • Mirsan Plastic Co.;
    • Arousha Pars Kish Co.;
    • The Union of Vessel Owners;
    • Darkhovin project;
    • Oroom Takbir Fat'h Engineering Project;
    • Qeshm Taxi organization;
    • Some South Pars field's projects;
    • Abadan Municipality Organization;
    • Kerman Motor Co.;
    • Payam Free Zone Airport;
    • Incheboroon Customs.

    Insurance services of Hafez Insurance Co. in free and special economic zones are as follows:

    • Engineering and energy insurances;
    • Supplementary health insurance;
    • Life and accidents insurance;
    • Vehicle third party liability insurance;
    • Vehicle collision insurance;
    • Cargo insurances (export and import);
    • Special policies (such as livestock and poultry insurances, horse insurance, honeybee insurance, etc.);
    • Credit insurances;
    • Fire insurances;
    • Liability insurances;
    • Collision and liability insurances of various vessels;
    • Collision and liability insurances of airplanes and helicopters;
    • Tourism and travel health insurances.


    Mission & Vision:

    To revolutionize insurance services quality and delivery in order to create more reliability and tranquility in the business environment and the lives of people as one of the leading insurance companies over the free zones


    Hafez Insurance Company mission statement

    The aim of Hafez Insurance Company as the first private company active in Free and Special economic, Commercial and Industrial zones is to address the all insurance needs more accurately by recruiting professionals, Identifying the gasps of the market, creating innovative services and underwriting the whole process of insurance.


    Hafez Insurance Company vision statement

    To revolutionize insurance services quality and delivery in order to create more reliability and tranquility in the business environment and the lives of people as one of the leading insurance companies over the free zones

    Hafez Insurance is an organization that in compliance with the financial and investment standards protects the interests of stakeholders, adherence to the principles of customer orientation and professional ethics reach to appropriate financial payoff for shareholders, customers, improve the quality of work life, and with the growth and excellence, expand the scope of its activities to the mainland and international space.

    Hafez Insurance companies’ prospect components for the next two years are as follows:

    1-Increasing the share portfolio more than 1% and capital more than 300 billion riyals in the insurance industry.

    2-A leading provider of quality services and value creation for customers.

    3-Learning organization with advanced technology, creative and committed staff and loyalZcustomers.

    4-Efficient and effective coverage for all Free and special economic, commercial and industrial zones having 80 representatives in these regions.


    Contact Info:

    Address: No. 26, 29th St., Vozara Ave., Tehran, Iran.

    Postal-Code: 15166 13511

    Tel: +98 21  45653

    Fax: +98 21  88773085

    Email: info@hafezinsurance.ir

    Website: www.hafezinsurance.ir

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