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  • Sina Insurance


    Sina insurance company was established on 1382/08/10 (01/11/2003) based on the establishment of act of non- governmental insurance companies with license number 23167 of Bimeh Markazi Iran (Central insurance of Iran) with the capital of 140 billion rials which totally was paid  and it has started up its own insurance operation since 1382/08/28 (19.11.2003). According to expansion in insurance activity and growth in insurance operation, the company increased its capital by 50% from 140 to 210 billion rials in the year 1385 (2006) and then it increased its capital by 90% in the year 1388 (2009) up to 400 billion rials .and in year 1394(2015) ,the capital of company was increased from 400 billion to 905 billion and according to an accurate planing, the capital of company will be reached to 1500 billion up to around the end of  year 1395(2016) . Sina insurance company with 905 billion Rial paid-up capital as a one of the well-known private insurance company in life insurance and nonlife insurance already is working.




    In view, Sina insurance is a company that:

      Market-oriented, learner and development -centered one of the three top insurance companies, active in the region and creditable in the word.



    Sina Insurance Company in cooperation with highly skilled human capital, loyal, capable And efficient sales network; the application of research and development in the design and producing new products according to market demand, it pursues the growth, development of solvency, to inspire confidence and security for insured and increasing economic added value of shareholders.



    1. Increase market share
    2. Reduce the loss ratio
    3. Growth portfolio returns
    4. Increasing the level of customer satisfaction
    5. To optimize the combination of human resources.



    Designing & representing the modern production, beside other traditional insurance products.

    Defining new methods of selling of different kindly insurance covers.

    Using of all hardware, software & human ware tools in the field of information technology.

    Congruent, homogenizing & equipoising the portfolio with concentration on absorbing pleasure and elected good risk.

    Utilization of accurate controlling and monitoring basements for assessment and fair payment of insurance losses.

    Using the potential and indeed ability & capacities of country broker network.

    Increasing of pleasure risks absorb and extending share of expanding share inward reinsurance market.

    Absorbing & educating of professional human resource in all needed levels .

    Quantitative and qualitative enablement of all branches around the country .

    Qualitative and quantitative absorbents and extension of offices & insurance agent  around the country .

    Extending short, middle and long term investment in profit making.


    Contact Info:

    Address: No 225, Mirdamad Blvd,After Nafteshomali, Tehran, Iran

    Tel: +98 21  28377

    Email: CRM@Sinainsurance.com

    Website: www.sinainsurance.com

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