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  • Saman Insurance


    In 2004, Saman Insurance Company obtained its license from Iranian Central Insurance to provide a full range of insurance services with a share capital of IRR 200 billion divided into 200 million shares, each with a par value of IRR 1000. In December 2012, the corporate capital was increased to IRR 400 billion. 

    On 01.03.2005 it received its operation permit from the Central Insurance in life, non-life as well as reinsurance, and began its operations as the sixth member of Saman Financial Group. The company offers a wide array of insurance products and services as follows:

         - Property Insurances, including Auto, Marine and Comprehensive Insurance
         - Personal Insurances, including Health, Travel, Universal life, Term life Insurances
         - Engineering Insurances, including EAR, CAR, Machinery breakdown and Comprehensive Project Insurances
         - Special Insurances, including Aviation (hull, cargo and liability ), Maritime and Credential Insurances
         - Liability Insurances, including Professional, Contractors and Civil Liability Insurances



    Through more than a decade of activity, Saman insurance has pursued the goal of providing diverse and high quality insurance services to individuals and corporations by an innovative approach. 

    Throughout the history of more than 10 years, Saman Insurance has been an insurance company dedicated to serving diverse market segments. Our clients are from all segments of the Iranian economy (from individuals to large global companies) and almost every industry in the region. This portfolio of customers provides Saman Insurance with stability in different economic situations that affected Iranian economy in the last 10 years.

    Saman Insurance awarded the First Level ranking for financial strength by Iranian Central Insurance in 2013/14. In this year the company also achieved commendation for the best rank in public relations from the Insurance Industry Festival.

    Saman Insurance was the first insurance company introduced bancassurance in Iran in 2005. The purpose of Saman bancassurance model is to prepare active relationship between bank and insurance with offering best insurance services. In order to reach this, an especial division established in Saman Bank with focus on sales of life insurance.



     By 1397 (2018), Saman Insurance will have excelled in its activities and services to target customers and insurance industry through building trust



     Providing diverse and high-quality insurance services to individuals and corporations in the region utilizing an innovative approach



     Development of Saman Insurance as for vision statement comprised of 4 main areas:


    -  Developing new revenue models through implementing a new value chain approach

    Saman Insurance core activities elicited from value chain and optimized by a global model. Main items of this area are corporate governance, risk management and compliance.


    -  Optimizing investment infrastructure

    Investment as the primary activity of insurance industry needs more considering to build-up valuable investment chain. Saman Insurance established an investment subsidiary company to fulfill applicable requirements of board directions. This is the result of the strategy of outsourcing professional activities to obtain accretion efficiency. Besides, weak performance of Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the market propels us to establish TPAs which provide services to the industry. Investment TPA prepares related services underpinned by innovation and proficiency.   


    -  Advanced customer analysis

    By the vision of being excelled in activities, Saman Insurance had taken a new direction in its business while planning for customers. Customers divided into two segments; low-risk and high-risk. With this segmentation, customers indwell to products lifecycle which foster marketing activities.


    Contact Info:


    Head Office

    Address: no 123 , Khaled Eslamboli Ave. Tehran-1513813119 Iran
    Tel : +98 21  8943
    Fax: +98 21  88700204

    Website: www.si24.ir


    International Affair:
    Email: ia@samaninsurance.ir
    Tel : +98 21  8943 Ext: 1602

    Working Hours:

    Saturday through Wednesday, from 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m
    Thursdays 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m


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