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  • Karafarin Insurance

    At a Glance:

    As a public joint stock company, Karafarin was incorporated on 18 March 2003 as a first private insurance company to offer insurance products and services as well as reinsurance operations. Its capital at the time of establishment was IR Rials 140,000 Million, which has been increased to IR Rials 1,750,000 Million on 2017. Karafarin Insurance Company has been awarded the first grade of financial strength by Central Insurance Company since 2013 up to now.



    To become one of the best insurance companies in the local and regional market.



    • Delivering qualified insurance services to our customers.
    • Delivering new insurance coverage due to diversified needs of our customer.
    • Respecting to all rights of our beneficiaries (society, environment, customers employees, shore holders)



    • Investigation of insurance needs for different market segmentation.
    • Offering appropriate products to the target market.
    • Implementation of European foundations of quality management (EFQM)
    • Improvement of human resource skills and knowledge.
    • Optimization of sales network capacity.
    • Implementation of customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Planning to increase the level of customer loyalty.
    • Considering the sustainable development strategy to all aspects of companies’ activity.
    • Improving the volumes and also the quality of portfolio.


    Core values:

    • Honestly
    • Trust
    • Learning
    • Team work


    Contact Info:

    Address: No. 5 ,17th. Alley, Qasir (Bucharest) St.Tehran 1513846911, Iran

    Phone: +98 21  42594

    Fax: +98 21  88713988

    Email: karafarin@karafarin-insurance.ir

    Website: www.karafarin-insurance.ir

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