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  • Ma Insurance


    Ma Insurance Co. was incorporated under no. 407563 on Jul. 4, 2011 and received its activity permission in all insurance types including properties, individuals, and responsibility under no. 90/13763 on Jul. 6, 2011 from Iran Central Insurance of Iran Co.. Ma Insurance Co. has obtained a good place by employing skilled human force and experts in insurance industry. Ma Insurance Co. acts in all insurance fields now with more than 40 branches and 1000 agents in all over country and is ready to serve the respectful policy holders.



    Founders and stockholders of Ma Insurance 

    Mehr Ayandegan Financial Development Group (Public JS)

    Mellat Bank Staff Credit Cooperative Co

    Mellat Bank Staff Consumption Cooperative Co

    Kheradmandan Saber Asr Cooperative Co

    Mellat Bank (Public JS)

    Mellat Financial Group (Public JS)

    Atiyehkhahan Capital Management Co


    Ma Insurance Co. Mission

    Value-creation for all beneficiaries and help for prosperity of national economy by making confidence in economic activities cycle of country

    Offering insurance services in both fatal and nonfatal insurances divisions all over the country through a wide distribution network

    Providing minor cheap policies and major policies with competitive prices

    Value-creation and synergy by integrating and gathering insurance premiums

    Providing reasonable and constructive transactions with monitoring entities in insurance industry of country


    Ma Insurance Co. Plans

    Attempt to develop and generalize insurance culture

    Providing consultation in insurance affairs

    Designing and providing modern insurance plans and applying modern IT systems

    Attracting and cooperating with experienced expert forces

    Developing branches and agents all over the country

    Granting representation to real and legal persons in order to develop indirect sale

    Cooperation with insurance brokers

    Broad usage of academic and promotional plans to accomplish company plans


    Ma Insurance Ethical Charter

    Heart beliefs of all colleagues in Ma Insurance Co. (agents and brokers) are implementing customer-driving principle observing justice, fairness, fidelity, honesty, transparency, holding human generosity, and social rights and responsibilities. Thus, this charter indicates Ma Insurance Co. ethical and behavioral framework.


    Justice and Fairness

    Considering holy God’s satisfaction in all situations

    Fair attitude with costumers, business parties, and colleagues

    Fair attitude in judgments and preventing rumors in the organization

    Responding and processing complaints of costumers, injured persons, and colleagues

    Maintaining a criticizable morale


    Observing the Rules

    Respecting the rules regarding fulfilment of organizational duties

    Restraining profiteers for malice and unethical commitments in insurance brokerage

    Protecting information of policy holders, injured persons, and colleagues

    Protecting rights of injured persons and policy holders during issuance of insurance policies and paying damages


    Transparency and Honesty

    Clarifying information and reports to avoid producing wrong information

    Creating proper communication with costumers and injured persons and presenting on time and correct information to them

    Informing costumers and injured persons of their rights about issuance of insurance policies and paying damages

    Consonance and convergence in fulfilment of all affairs in the organization


    Holding Human Generosity

    Respecting culture, custom and beliefs of all stakeholders, especially colleagues, costumers, and injured persons

    Openness in communication with colleagues, policy holders, and injured persons without paying attention to their ethnicity, religions and nationalities

    Believing and observing professional ethics and insurance occupation as an opportunity to serve humans


    Considering Social Rights and Responsibilities

    Participation in environment protection

    Being responsible against all stakeholders and their rights

    Respecting material and intellectual of competitors

    Preventing systematic infringements

    Efficient energy and resources consumption


    Ma Insurance Co. Perspective Statement

    The best choice of stockholders, policy holders, staff and sale network, considering health, financial transparency, and insurance professional principals


    Ma Insurance Co. Mission Statement

    Ma Insurance Co. is an elite and frontier insurer which intends to offer its services to all customers along with developing foresight culture in the society, and observes the rights of stakeholders including stockholder, policy holders, staff, agents, etc.


    Contact Info:

    Address: No 9, Vanak St, Vanak sq, Tehran, Iran

    Postal Code: 1994618317

    Tel: +9821-8690

    Fax: +9821-88192706

    International Affairs: +9821-88207466

    Email: info@bimehma.ir

    Vice Chairmans Email: ceo@bimehma.ir

    Website: www.bimehma.com


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