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  • Who we are?

    The Iranian Insurers Syndicate is a professional and a non-profit association. All of the insurance companies and the Bodily Injuries Indemnification Fund operating in Iran are members of this syndicate. Some of its objectives are:



    ♦ Protecting and defending the legal, professional rights and interests of syndicate's members;

    ♦ Attempt to develop professional ethics and improve cooperation among members; 

    ♦ Attempt to institutionalize professional ethics and behavior in the insurance industry; 

    ♦ Attempt to develop and promote insurance culture throughout the country;

    ♦ Help to improve the insurance industry's business regulations and environment; 

    ♦ Help to improve technical and managerial knowledge of experts and managers of insurance institutions; 

    ♦ Addressing and helping to resolve disputes between members; 

    ♦ Help to develop international insurance industry partnerships with foreign-affiliated institutions.

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