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  • Appreciation of the secretaries of the syndicate working groups

    In the consensus meeting of the first 6 months of this year was held with the presence of Dr. Meshalachi, Deputy Director of Central Insurance of Iran, Dr. Karimi, Secretary General of Iran Insurers Syndicate, heads of specialized commissions, secretaries of specialized working groups, and heads of the Provincial Coordination Council of Iran Insurers Syndicate. referring to the spirit of interaction, professional activity and ethical behavior of Mr. Abbas Ali Farashiani, the current head of the coordination council of technical deputies of insurance companies, Alireza Moqrab, the current secretary of the fire insurance working group, Abdul Majid Rafi, the current secretary of the financial working group, Abbas Lotfi Moghadam, the current secretary The legal working group and Ali Farzin, the then secretary of the life insurance development working group were presented with a certificate of appreciation in order to further strengthen the spirit of cooperation and cohesion in the relevant working groups.

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