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  • The first joint meeting of general secretaries and directors of professional unions

    in this meeting, which was held at the invitation of Dr. Karimi, Secretary General of Iran Insurers Syndicate, Dr. Khazaei, Secretary General of the Iranian Committee of International Chamber of Commerce ICC, Dr. Faqihi, Dr. Karimi, Secretary General of Iran Insurers Syndicate and several managers of insurance institutions were present in relation to how to improve the level of cooperation and joint trade union activities with the approach of defending the legal and trade union rights of the organizations and interacting as much as possible with the government and the Islamic Council Parliament, examining ways to create suitable capacities for facilitating the communication and interaction of organizations with each other and creating suitable platforms for joint trade union policies and how to expand competitiveness and reduce monopolies in the national economy and improve the level of cooperation between the private sector and the government discussed and exchanged opinions.
    The members present in the meeting, considering the importance of planning and carrying out joint expert work in order to achieve the goals, agreed to form a joint working group consisting of representatives of large organizations regarding the review and comprehensive planning to achieve the results, the secretariat of this working group in Syndicate should be established.
    Also, in this union meeting, the attendees discussed and exchanged opinions regarding how to cooperate, participate and attend the National Insurance and Development Conference, which is held every year on December 13th with the presence of managers, experts and activists of the insurance industry and other organizations.
    It should be mentioned that with the agreement of the general secretaries of the organizations present in the meeting, it was decided that this meeting will be held in a regular and planned manner and the results and actions developed by the working group will be presented and a decision will be made.

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