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  • Baran Life Insurance Co.

    Relying on its knowledge, experience and capabilities and recognizing the needs of the insurance industry, Baran Insurance Company has been established to offer new and suitable products with the needs of its customers through innovation and creativity. Customers who are aware of their needs and demand new products with maximum benefit in investment and variety in risk coverage. The common feature of these products is to meet the future needs of customers through gradual investment and to cover the risks that the insured face during their lifetime.

    Baran Life Insurance Co., at the beginning of its path with its young and talented forces, tries to rely on the two principles of "knowledge and experience" and "understanding the needs of the insurance industry" is an important step in designing and offering insurance products and services for peace of mind and Take away the peace of mind of the insurers and fill the existing gaps with everything they can.


    Contact Info:

    Address: , No. 17, Sanjabi St., Madar Sq. , Tehran,Tehran Province.

    Tel: +982178326000

    Email: info@baraninsurance.com

    Website: https://baraninsurance.com/

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